Your Carbon Footprint

Everyone should be interested in protecting the environment by saving energy which also reduces the cost of your energy bill! Double bonus!

Energy Saving Ideas

Installation of a Building Management System to control your Air Conditioning or Refrigeration plant can make significant power savings of up to 20-30%

These Power savings can be achieved by optimising the Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment set points to match the ambient conditions. To control fresh air introduction by the use of CO2 sensors and utilize "Free Cooling" when the ambient temperature falls below set point.

An Optimal start time function calculates the required pre-cooling time of your building based on weather conditions and therefore reduces the unnecessary waste of energy. Motion sensors and timers can also be intergrated into these systems to control lights and boilers etc.

Energy Saving Tips

To get the most efficiency out of your air conditioner we recommend setting the thermostat at 25 degrees in summer (cooling mode) and if necessary 20 degrees in winter (heating mode). Minimise the area being cooled or heated by shutting doors to unused rooms. Clean your filters regularly making sure the indoor and outdoor units are dirt and dust free. Insulate your ceiling space, seal drafts and shade windows.

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